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Posted by Aptyp 
Status Walkaround demo 
Prog. language C++ 
Last update 28-11-2004 

----- 11/28/04

Map editor and the game are merged into one executable (easier to work with, since both are done on the same engine which is still being developed). Lua script support is in early stages of implementation. A simple "walkabout" demo, consisting of a fully-functional turn-based mode, where you can control any character who belongs to "player" group. Mouse control utilizes some pretty brain-dead pathfinding, but that's not high on my list of priorities. Animated variable-width bitmap fonts, animated tiles, animated sprites. Text output formatting (mostly text alignment-related). All still on DirectX 8.0, using DirectDraw, for Win32. I hope to finally move it over to SDL next free weekend I get.
I'm considering ways for a developer to change the drawing perspective. "Modules" are probably a good way to go - you can describe the perspective along with the game rules in the same place. Thankfully it turned out to be pretty easy to move from isometric back to top-down, so I might do that just so that I can make something without waiting for the elusive "artists" to join up.

----- 11/01/04

Moved from top-down to isometric perspective some time ago. It's significantly harder to draw the world screen without visual artifacts, and do it efficiently, but that's not the biggest problem now (in fact it's pretty much solved).

----- 07/07/04

Minor changes. Found a bug in the generic cache template that caused a memory leak. Implemented some ad-hoc clipping code. Added mouse scrolling speed to system settings. The "interface stack" idea in the article I read is very similar to what I have, and it has some neat ideas as well that I'll probably put in my code.

----- 06/09/04

Gah. Cable modem sorta killed whatever feeble development process there was. I have worked out an object hierarchy and was writing the state save/loading routines for the equipment item prototypes when a cable guy knocked on my door 3 weeks ago. Note to self: it's impossible to download Internet, so don't even try. Ever again.

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