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Posted by DanKirby 
Status Playable 
Prog. language QuickBasic 
Last update 29-06-2004 
Links Website; Download;

<6/29/2004>: Uploaded a playable demo. Nearly half of the game is playable in the demo version.

<6/16/2004>: The engine is largely complete. Small additions will still be made as they become necessary.
Most of the major cities have been built. Building other areas as they come up in the story.
Story progression: Chapter 12 of 28.
Website hasn't been updated with these changes yet.

Plot: Tom is a resident of the town of Comencia. One day, while exploring the forest outside of the town, he discovers a cave. As he explores, the tunnel collapses behind him.
Tom exits the other end of the tunnel and begins to try to find the way to Comencia. What he doesn't know is, he has traveled to another world.
Follow Tom as he learns the truth about the world he is trapped in and attempts to find a way home. What kind of adventures will he get into along the way?

Gameplay: Threads of Life is a traditional 2D tile-based RPG.
As you progress, Tom will be joined by additional characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, along with a unique skill set.
The battle system is your typical ATB system, where each character/enemy has a meter that must fill up before they can act. Your characters can attack, use a technique, or use an item.

Review by Azion on 15-09-2005
While this game has numerous flaws, none are significant enough to make it unenjoyable.

Graphics: 3
This game definitely suffers here. The animations are often choppy and silly looking, and the trees look quite a bit like lollipops. The game's atmosphere seems to be somewhat similar to earthbound so maybe its just personal preference.

Gameplay: 6
This is a mixed bag here. The game is very straight forward and quick paced. You don't really have to wander around building up levels much and that keeps the game interesting. My biggest gripe here is that later the cities become huge, and searching for some person that you need to talk to can take 20 minutes.

There is no sound or music.

I was worried when I first started playing this game, but the quick pace kept it interesting for the most part. I have played some commercial games that don't flow as well as this so hopefully the author will keep improving the little things.