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Posted by Kyper 
Status Early development 
Prog. language C++ 
Last update 30-09-2007 

Kyper & Ninkazu


30-SEP-2007: Work has begun on the new engine architecture as well as shortening the story for the first release of the game (yes it has been decided to release the game in parts although each will have a fully self contained story also. so no "to be continued"). We are however still looking for some graphic artists to join the ranks, if you are interested please contact me with a sample of your work (kyper -at- redbrick -dot- dcu -dot- ie).

Dark Fantasy was originally developed in QBasic by Kyper and later Nemesis. After a few years of inactivity the project has been revived and will be coded in C/C++ using SDL

Currently looking for assistance see for more information

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