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Posted by Chingwa 
Status Playable 
Prog. language Visual Basic 
Last update 07-09-2004 
Links Website;

Hello all, DragonQuest: Redux is a remake of the original DragonQuest game. It uses tilesets from DragonQuest Reprise I&II for the Super Famicom and is 95% accurate to the original game. DragonQuest: Redux is being produced as the first test game for my new Game engine CoRE, which stands for Classic Rpg Engine. CoRE is being developed and programmed to create simple RPG's in the vein of the classic console era games such as Dragon Quest and the original Final Fantasy. It is being developed 100% in RealBASIC which is very similar to VisualBASIC. Please stop by the website and take a look at the development progress.

Current Development is moving along nicely, I hope to have a release by mid to late Autumn 2004.

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