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Posted by XMark 
Status Finished 
Prog. language QuickBasic 
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XMark - Just about everything


1500 years after the nuclear apocalypse, mankind has been reverted back to the Dark Ages, but when a stockpile of weapons of the "ancients" is found and an evil, insane king gets hold of it, the threat of a second apocalypse is now very clear. This first installment, while not having the best graphics in the world, is one of the few completed RPG's out there, with an involving storyline from beginning to the end.

Review by God_Cells on
This is a great game, even if graphics look a bit amateur, the story itself is very great. Take a try of this game and you'll not regret!

The engine is great, but not enough completed, no real scrolling, but this make the game quicker to play, I dont think that's a weakness.

The sound is good even if it's done on PC Speaker. I give 4 because there's no music ( they cant).

9 on gameplay! A very addictive game where the plot is funny and sometime hilarious, sometime serious enough to get in this game.

Finally, I give 7 on the overall because graphics and sound do not make games to be great, the gameplay is the most important thing. This game is sometime original and must be played.
Review by Mandrake on 15-04-2002
First off let me say this: this game is a classic. It is one of the very few finished RPG's on the indie scene, which says something in and of itself. It's also one of the best games I've played in awhile, the plot is good and interesting, the combat does not get boring or repetitive but stays interesting in a classic old skool DW sense of the word. All in all the game just "works" on so many levels.

True, it is flawed in some ways, the graphics could use some help and the music/sound is non-existant, but if you learn to look past this and download the game then you will not be disapointed. It's a blast to play and loads of fun to boot.
Review by darkpagan on 08-06-2002
OK so what if the graphics are shite?
This game rules
The plot is original and involving and it does have an epic feeling that most indie rpgs lack.I love this game and you will too
Review by Fooolking on 26-10-2003
I suppose my review may be a little bias, but, this is one of the better to best Indie rpgs I've played. It may be simplistic as far as graphics and sound quality go.....but story is a main consideration, which I find many other indie rpgs lack.

I gave it an 8, just because it lacks a little sound and graphical variety.

However, it's well worth trying. I hope the next few chapters in the Arc trilogy will play as good as this one.