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Beginning Map Editor
Posted by Barok 
Status Finished 
Prog. language QuickBasic 
Last update 28-10-2004 
Links Download;

Newest version has been releases, Version 2.1. All it is is that you can choose how you want to save files, as a text format or as binary.

Note: NEW VERSION!!! Version 2.0.

-The program is harder to crash now just by typing in file names with more than 8 characters, or by just pressing enter... it can still be crashed, but not quite as easily.
-The menu is less frustrating. When you click on something on the menu, you get it. Not like the later versions, where you click on the menu item and get nothing.
-You activate the menu by pressing the right button on the dropdown menu... after that, use any button you want.
-I added two new functions to the dropdown menu in the form of icons. The first one will let you change the tile your using, the second one will turn the left click into an eraser. clicking on the second icon again will turn the eraser off.
-You can sorta customize what the right mouse button does. look in the txt file called pref. choosing 0 will make the right mouse button bring up the tile choosing menu, while choosing 1 will turn the right mouse button into a eraser... Based on Oracles suggestion.
-Changed the scrolling from tile by tile to pixel by pixel, since it's easier to keep track that way.
-added scrolling bars, so the user will know where he is in the map.

I created this while working on my rpg. It's a map editor that has 4 layers (base layer, ceiling layer, object layer, and finally the collision layer. 90% of all the functions in the map editor are contained in a drop-down menu similiar to the windows start menu. You can choose what layers you wish to see, select quickly the layer you want to edit, load new tilesets, load maps. You can also load multiple tilesets, so if you have a seperate tileset for floors than tables, you can load them individually. 95% of all functions are used with the mouse, with the exception of typing in file names and holding the "f" button down to do a flood fill of the map with the selected tile. The editor even remembers what tile you last selected for each layer, so you don't have to reselect the tile when you switch layers. Uses both the left and right mouse buttons.

This version uses tilextile scrolling. There is also a version that has pixel x pixel scrolling, but i just haven't uploaded it yet... Maybe someday....

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