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Posted by Hajo 
Status Walkaround demo 
Prog. language C++ 
Last update 10-02-2005 
Links Website; Download;

Instead copying the H-World engine feature list here (a copy is almost always out of date), I'll rather give a link to the official feature list:

A game engine needs a manual, otherwise noone can use it. The H-World manual tends to be out of date (better look at the comments inside the files of the example game module "The Jungle") but I've tried my best to write an useable manual:

The H-World engine is bundled with an example game called "The Jungle". It is a fairly classic plot: an adventurer arrived in a jungle village. Nearby there is an old temple, some ruins, a cave and kind of a dungeon. A perfect start for new adventures. Are there dangerous monsters there? Big treasures? World moving secrets? Find it out!

Update: 0.3.10 - non-combat AI (22-Sep-04)

Update: 0.3.11 - improved mouse support (10-Oct-04)

Update: 0.3.12 - additional 2D display and cleanup (24-Oct-04)

Update: 0.3.13 - further improved mouse support, useability, fullscreen mode, bugfixes (01-Nov-04)

Update: 0.4.0 - Lua UI support, UI skinning support, bugfixes, early preview of space game module (20-Nov-04)

Update: 0.4.1 - UI and content polishing (26-Dec-04)

Update: 0.4.2 - Static lights and additional dungeon decorations (10-Jan-05)

Update: 0.4.3 - The big release of small changes (23-Jan-05)

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