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Ninja'd: Blossom of the new spring autum
Posted by Adam 
Status Almost finished 
Prog. language C++ 
Last update 25-10-2004 
Links Website; Download;

UPDATE: I've added a second exe to the zip, it runs the game with no transparent sprites or dynamic lights. That should make it run better on slower computers.

This game was hastilly put together for the RPGDX "Hecate's Contest."
It was knocked up in about 5 days. It's fairly shoddy but thats one of the hard things you will have to deal with.

The fairy art was not by me, but im not fooling anybody with that.

You are the superhero named "Adam." You are named that beacuse i was too lazy to change it. You travel to the haunted house looking thing to rescue a kidnapped monkey. The story is explained (poorly) ingame.

Click on things to attack or use.
To use a potion, click the leftmost button.
Click the big red button to quit.
Once/If you die you'll have to close and reopen the program to restart.
Talk to the fairy when your health is full for the best 2 lines in the game.

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Ninja'd: Blossom of the new spring autum won 2nd place in the Hecate's Contest.
Review by Aptyp on 03-11-2004
Witty and pretty!
Obviously, it's still far off from being a complete game, but it was fun for a while (10 minutes).
Graphics are sketchy, but fairly advanced lighting system is worth noting.
Review by ozzyman527 on 27-11-2004
I agree with the person before me, the graphics are a little sketchy, but the overall game is actually pretty cool for the 10 minutes you play it.