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Posted by cleoni 
Status Finished 
Last update 01-12-2004 
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Months ago, the King died in mysterious circumstances and his daughter, Asia the princess, run into severe illness. Things turned dramatically worse when the princess, hanging around the castle dungeons, found some ancient magic books, filled with forgotten formulas written with human blood.

Rumours around say that Asia, excited by her curiosity, read with loud voice a few phrases from that evil books, capable of awakening the lost souls from the Land of the Dead. Magic words pronounced by her have would have opened a dimensional breach, letting obscure creatures lurking in the never ending Darkness to reach out to our World.

Now, the Castle of Graiel is totally under control of evil creatures with enormous power. Asia the princess lives locked in her bedroom, captured by the monsters which are now planning their raise and conquer of the whole Reign.

In this graphical fantasy MMORPG you can either fight and try to save the reign, or you can join the evil forces. Combats, Magic, Weapons, Spells. Has music and sound.

You play immediately with your browser, the download link will actually open the connect page.

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