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Posted by PhyrFox 
Status Early development 
Prog. language
Last update 20-02-2005 
Links Website;

OHRRPGCE-2 is the latest upgrade for the original OHRRPGCE engine (may change names later). It uses the same format as the original OHRRPGCE by James Paige. I am not in any way affiliated with James, except in my desire to see his simplistic, yet powerful engine, appear on newer platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and others. Since there is already a large user-base, it should be well-acclaimed, as long as I make a port that is worthy to carry the name.

Updated features will include an enhanced GUI, increased graphics resolution, better scripting support (multi-scripts). No, I will not be adding features that are not currently in OHR, so do not expect battle-scripting or updated scripting features. These are a possibility for future reference, but older games would be "broken", and currently my idea is a backwards compatible engine; my new engine to be designed after this one will not be backwards compatible with any existing system.

Stay tuned to my website for updates, and other information.

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