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Posted by Bjørn 
Status Walkaround demo 
Prog. language C++ 
Last update 06-06-2007 
Links Website; Download;

TMW Development Team (see AUTHORS file for a list)


The Mana World (TMW) is a serious effort to create an innovative free and open source MMORPG. TMW uses 2D graphics and aims to create a large and diverse interactive world. The project has existed for about one and a half year now, and it is in a stage of increasingly functional walkaround demo.

One big part of this project will be the game server. We're still working with the open source Ragnarok Online server eAthena, but we have started building our own distributed server.

0.0.23 (3 June 2007)
- Added a particle engine along with some particle effects
- Added a cursor to indicate targeted enemy
- Added new program icon
- Added a man page for UNIX like systems
- Added the --version command line parameter
- Improved MacOS X release
- Screenshots are now saved in the .tmw directory on UNIX like systems
- Magic pink is no longer used for transparency (fixes issues with that on Mac)
- Fixed difficulties with resizing windows
- Fixed misleading error message when connecting fails
- Fixed wrong error message when account name already exists
- Fixed crash when deleting a character
- Fixed error message when creating a new character fails
- Fixed updating problem when using scrollwheel to change shop selection (17 February 2007)
- Updated to work with Guichan 0.6.1
- Changed to new default server (
- Changed custom mouse cursor
- Fixed the issue where _M or _F is appended to the username
- Fixed problem with Cancel button in update dialog (15 January 2007)
- Updated to work with Guichan 0.6.0 (older versions no longer supported)
- Fixed mouse coordinates in debug window
- Fixed clicking on GUI to cause the player to start walking sometimes

0.0.22 (24 December 2006)
- Added support for female-specific equipment graphics
- Added support for monster sounds
- Added item icons to buy/sell dialogs
- Enhanced character select dialog to show equipment
- Changed to new update host (
- Worked around a Guichan exception thrown for mice with many buttons
- Changed mouse walk to keep following mouse while button is held down
- Extended font support for å and Å
- Disabled RLE compression on all surfaces in software mode
- Fixed joystick setting not to show disabled when it's actually enabled
- Fixed money field to no longer hide below the bottom of the window
- Fixed pathfinding to allow walking through beings when they block your path
- Fixed an issue with NPC dialogs staying open after player respawn

Review by DeveloperX on 13-06-2005
Truly, an experience that you have to have once in your life, is playing this game.
While the graphics are unfinished, there isn't anywhere to go yet, the NPCs say the same thing
over and over and over, and there isn't any music while playing, only at the title screen, I must say
that I found this game to be extremely addictive, and entertaining. I played for 9 hours straight yesterday...
before I knew it, I had stayed up all night and half into the next day! I won't be playing TMW again for quite some time, but only because of the amount of time that I tend to spend trapped inside this very immersive and fun environment. I give this game a 7 because it is unfinished, and I will review again once it is more complete. I am highly interested in seeing the progress of this immense project. Kudos to the devlopers!