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Posted by Adam 
Status Early development 
Prog. language C++ 
Last update 26-05-2005 

Adam: Project Lead
You: Programmer, Artist, Scripter, Editor, Musician?


Get your rocks ready beacuse they are about to be blown off!!

*** OLD DESCRIPTION FOLLOWS - may not exactly be true at all ***

Ninja'd Type B: Freedom Within Infulence is going to be the best PSP game evar! It won't be available on the DS beacuse fags play DS(hit). lol

Every 3000 years a great evil returns to the world of tig'kof. You and your band of adventurer's must fight it and the giant dragon sig'kof to return the 5 chrystals of magic (earth, fire, wind, water, heart) and stop the metorite from hitting the planet.
What is the magic of okam?

10 unique playable characters.
500 unique monsters.
20 unique towns.
40 unique bosses.
80+ unique hours playtime.
Full unique voice acting. If you know any chicks who would do voice acting tell me, i don't know any.
400 unique items.

All this and more in Ninja'd Type B: Freedom Within Infulence!

I will be the project lead. I'm looking for programmers, artists, scripters and map editors and musicians to make this awesom RPG a reality. You'll all be paid when I sell the game to Square. Hope to hear from you soon!!!1

This game will be released on the PSP at the end of the RPGDX comp.

Adam Wants To Make You His Bitch!

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