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Posted by Nodtveidt 
Status Finished 
Prog. language
Last update 26-08-2012 
Links Website;

lord_cack - Tilework
Josiah Tobin - Tilework
Nodtveidt - Programming
Paranoia Dragon - Remastering
Keranu - Sprite retouching and cutscene direction
Black Tiger: Cutscene artwork
bonq - Spanish translation (Original Game)
Equuskia - Spanish translation (EX Game)
Armen - French translation

Spear - Paranoia Dragon
Grimm - Odonadon
Tiger - Joshua Jaeger
Ryanna - Joline Baylis
Ellia - Tasha Jaeger


This is a remake of the classic RPG from DarkDread, Mysterious Song. The game remains largely intact (tiles have been redone due to hardware limitations) and the original story hasn't changed. The music has been enhanced and has been put to redbook. The game is being developed for the Hu6280 system, which is the ill-fated TurboGrafx 16/PC Engine console. It requires either a TurboDuo unit, a PC Engine Duo or PC Engine Duo-RX unit, or a regular TurboGrafx 16 or PC Engine unit with the CDROM attachment and the 3.0 upgrade card. Of course, it will also run in several popular emulators, such as Magic Engine (tested and works great!), Hu-Go (untested but should work fine), and hu6280 (although with problems on this emulator). Naturally, a CD burner is required to burn the game to disc for play on actual hardware, but you can get by using Daemon Tools for emulators. Developing for this hardware is not a trivial task; it requires a lot of patience, trial and error, and more patience. :) In any event, I hope you all look forward to this remake of one of the most influential QBRPGs of all time. It will be released upon completion and ONLY upon demos here, sorry folks. :)

8-27-12 UPDATE: The game has been released!

10-18-11 UPDATE: The game has been completed.

5-21-06 UPDATE: Newer screenshots added and staff list corrected.

10-22-07 UPDATE: Newer screenshots added, staff list corrected, demo version added.

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