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Posted by Nodtveidt 
Status Walkaround demo 
Prog. language
Last update 21-05-2006 
Links Website;

Nodtveidt - Code, storyline, area development
Seldane - Tile graphics
Paranoia Dragon - Soundtrack
Jevax - Soundtrack
Keranu - Sprites
Lord Cack - Sprites


Neutopia III is the third game in a series that pits descendants of a legendary warrior, Murdock, against hoardes of evils that threaten the peaceful world of Neutopia. The original story, Neutopia, told a tale of a berserker named Jazeta who travelled the lands in search of the evil demon king, Dirth, who had kidnapped princess Aurora and eight magical medallions which became the key to defeating him in the frozen north. Neutopia II told the story of Jazeta's son, who set out on a quest to find his father, who had turned up missing after going on a quest of his own to discover the reason behind a new invasion of evil monsters. Jazeta's son eventually discovered that Dirth had been resurrected and was behind the invasion. After collecting four magic medallions, Jazeta's son unlocked Dirth's secret Atra labyrinth and did battle with the evil demon. Dirth was finally slain and the lands of Neutopia prospered for a hundred years.

Neutopia III begins over 100 years after the story of Neutopia II. The peace of the land has made the people lazy; magic flows freely and no one has to work for what they want. When disaster strikes in the form of a series of mysterious murders, the people become terrified and are unable to cope with their newfound fears. The legend of the bloodline of Murdock is recalled by only a few of the people, and a message is sent into the world, calling for anyone of the bloodline to come to the heart of Neutopia and investigate the reason for this new terror. Four descendants respond to the plea for help and thus a new story begins...

This game, like its two prequels, is for the TurboGrafx 16/PC Engine console. Unlike its prequels, this is a SuperCD game, which means it requires a TurboDuo/PC Engine Duo/PC Engine Duo-RX or a TurboGrafx 16/PC Engine system with the CDROM attachment and the 3.0 upgrade card. In addition, the game will play on most popular PCE emulators (Magic Engine is recommended for best results).

5-21-06 UPDATE: There is now a PC version in the works. It is being developed in freeBASIC and uses Angelo Motolla's gfxlib2 library for graphics and the well-known bass.dll for sound. It uses the same 256x224 resolution as the original but it's fit into a "window" inside a 320x240 screen, either windowed or fullscreen (user-selectable). Gamepads are supported (both analog and POV-type) and the PC version features some additional graphical effects not possible in the original version.

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