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Posted by kms_online 
Status Finished 
Prog. language DarkBASIC 
Last update 01-05-2005 
Links Website; Download;

KMS Studios


Haunting sounds arise from the village of Cuesta Verde. Special agents have been employed to investigate the activity in the village and discover why all the villagers disappeared. However, contact with the special agents has been lost. It is now up to you to find the rest of your crew as well as the evidence that has been left in the village of Cuesta Verde. But do not be too complacent, as the village has been cast in shadow, evil has arrived, the threat is imminent. The small corridors of the village and backstreet alleyways have been surrounded by thick black fog making the mission even harder, no one knows what lies beyond the darkness...

Maps, Items & Character Information available from website Flash/HTML.

View the Trailer of the Game from the Homepage.

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