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Posted by jsh357 
Status Finished 
Last update 26-06-2005 
Links Website; Download;

Myself. SDHawk, Hachi-Roku, Uncommon, and Gizmog1 playtested for me.


A game I made for the OHRRPGCE '04 Halloween Contest. (I won by a small landslide, mostly due to lack of other entries) An RPG that dares to do away with some basic standards that most traditional RPGs abide by, such as having every character able to attack. I consider TQ to be a warm-up for my first huge project, but I am glad it won the contest.

This game isn't really funny unless you have the same perspective I do on RPG Maker communities. To get most of the jokes you'd need to have watched my movies and be a member of the OHRRPGCE Community. Nevertheless, it is complete and I'm proud of my work.

Music is ripped, lots of googled images (mostly due to the fact that I had no time to work on this in the month spent developing), but the majority of the graphics are original. Most of them are intentionally bad for satirical purposes.

Try it if you want a bizarre departure from the standard RPG.

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