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Posted by Hair Machine 
Status Walkaround demo 
Prog. language FreeBASIC 
Last update 25-07-2005 
Links Website;

Black Gate Corps - specifically Hair Machine, Gooseman and Ren


A second attempt to create a mixture of an action-packed R-Type style shoot-em-up with more traditional RPG values - like levelling up and stuff - by the same dudes who were working on Iron Cloud. You will play as various characters, all with different attributes and skills which must be utilised to succeed. Unleash devastating super moves, chuck axes at slimes, and generally cause mayhem in the all-action battle engine, whilst exploring the large world and progressing through the elaborate plot that features more twists than a very twisty thing.

This is an ambitious project, but the team fully intends to complete it. Ignore the past record, which last time I checked was a grand total of 0 fully complete RPGs... :\

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