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Posted by Friend 
Status Finished 
Prog. language QuickBasic 
Last update 26-07-2005 
Links Website; Download;

Setu Firestorm
Charbile (some NPC graphics)
And a couple of playtesters.


Boundless Ocean is a short (5-7 hours), console-styled RPG game with emphasis on exploration. It is made with the OHRRPGCE, a DOS based RPG engine. The game plays best
with VDMS.

Here's short intro story for the game: You can feel your knees weaken as you see two soldiers walking to your doorsteps. You watch them anxiously through the window as they grew closer, wishing that it is not as you imagined. You open the door before the soldiers got the chance to knock. You greet them with a nervous glance as if asking for confirmation of your suspicion. One of the soldier doffed his helmet, and your suspicion is confirmed. And then everything goes black.

Note: hold escape during battles to escape.

This version includes a mini-expansion, which is accessible via the mandala wheel (originally, it sends you right to the final boss fight.) It's not a long expansion as I don't have much map space to work with (approx 30mins-1hour of gameplay.) I also took the chance to refurbish all of the walkabouts. This will be the last update to BO.

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