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Posted by josheat 
Status Walkaround demo 
Last update 12-12-2005 
Links Website;



(updated: 12 Decmeber 2005)
Changed a the engine, and music has been made, plus a walkaround demo has been made.
Check website for most up to date information

This is just a new announcement on a game that me and a team are working on atm. We still have alot of work to do but we are focused on getting it done. we still need to come up with a skill system though.

If you are a Pixel Artist or music composer, we need a bit more help with making sprites/tiles and music. I can do pixel art now but doing a whole game is going to take ages. Drop me an email here on:
i would really appreciate your help! anyway here is the game info...

Name: Chaos Void
Type: Action/Adventure RPG
Engine: GameMaker
Coding Language: GML
Graphics: Original 2D Old School Graphics (like Rpg Maker style)
Development Team: Seat Productions ( josheat, Marki, sully )
Expected Development time: a few Months
Inspirations: Griffon Legend
Secret of Mana
Secret of Mana 2 ( Seiken Densetsu 3 )
Music: Found a composer, great music. Classic MIDI music.
Co-Op Multiplayer: TBA

There is the main game information, now to the story of the game: ( still working on it )

"A magical war has left the world in ruins. Now almost 100 years after the end of the war a civilization is being rebuilt.
One of the great monuments the War has left are the "Voids". It is at these locations the magical energy struck the hardest, changing them in unexpected ways. Nowadays Magic does not exist as it used to, magic can only be practiced inside the barriers of the Voids. It was caused by the great cataclysm that ended the war. The war got so intense that the earths atmosphere could not handle it. It drew all the worlds magic to these locations and everyone that used it during the cataclysm.

Entering any of the Voids is extremely dangerous due to the conditions that they suffer. They are infested with mutations and hideous beast's. One of the most dangerous and disturbing facts about the Voids is some of the Mutations have grown "intelligent" and figured out ways of breaking through the Void barrier, dragging their minions behind them. This has a devastating effect to the local communitys that lie close by. Although that it is an imposing threat, there havnt been any sightings of monsters leaving the barriers in years. never the less towns and countries have appointed "Void Guardians" to stop anything like that from happening.

The Void Guardians are a guild of Descendants of warriors that fought in the Great War, but they also contain Descendants from other familys that come from all sorts of backgrounds, From mages to archers. They are spread out all over the citys that they protect with the main Guild house unknown to anyone but its members.

There is one void that stands out farther from the rest. They have named this place "Martyrdom". It is the biggest void of all and has caused the most trouble of all. Guardians have had countless battles with the factions of monsters that pour out of the voids. Rumours say there is a huge faction of monsters inside planning another war against the people, even though it has been quiet for a long time. the Void Guardian guild say that the silence is disturbing. This is where you come in..."

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