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Posted by Ren 
Status Abandoned 
Prog. language QuickBasic 
Last update 27-08-2005 
Links Website; Download;

From the site:

"This is my entry for the 'Darkness Ethereal Pure Qbasic Mini RPG competition'. The game is so far unfinished, but this was created in just under a week in pure Qbasic, and came out quite well I think. This taught me a couple of things about making an RPG, so why not pick it up and see how it is?"

Yeah the project was abandoned a while back, but you can still get a kick out of it for maybe 5 minutes. I remember being quite proud of it when it was made, and some of the tile and character work is pretty cool. No music this compo, but perhaps you can stick on Bob Marley's namesake track and re-live days gone past. Even if you didn't live them the first time around.

Review by Hair Machine on 28-08-2005
Wow, what an awesome game. I especially loved the way you managed to get the best levelling up system ever in there - 45 hours to get to level 2, 3 minutes to rise up to level 50! POWER OF DOUG!

But the best thing about this game (seriously) is the smooth presentation and quite amusing dialogue/plot thingy. This makes up for the gameplay being pretty broken. It would've been nice had I made some music, which would have suited the game perfectly, but being pureQB I don't think we could work out how to get midis playing; even if it was possible and/or allowed ;) Maybe I will one day. Or not.

Review by Gooseman on 30-08-2005
Heh heh, this game has the best story line like, EVAR. Seriously! its totally inspired! Actually having some funky music would have helped though.
I enjoyed the humour in this game.. it was refreshing!

My only real problem was that it was very hard not to die in your first few fights. And that there was no music.. but the graphics are quite pretty.

All in all a prety funky game. I had a laugh with it for a little while, and as it was made in 1 week (in Qb) i think its cool.