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Posted by Nodtveidt 
Status Playable 
Prog. language FreeBASIC 
Last update 25-09-2005 

Nodtveidt - Code
Rhiannon - Story


"In a small village in the middle of nowhere, people started disappearing at night, one at a time. For three weeks, everyone was scared that they'd be next. Several people claim that they witnessed what they thought was a spirit entering the village at night, but no one ever saw it leave. When the vanishings stopped, a large number of bodies, the missing people, suddenly appeared in the middle of the village. A mass funeral followed the next day, and the villagers who remained tried to emotionally pull themselves back together. But two villagers, instead of being overwhelmed by sadness, became enraged and determined to avenge the murders of their fellow villagers. Rhiannon, the town's weapons expert, and Nodtveidt, the town's elementalist, took up arms and tracked this killer's trail into what was always thought to be an empty cavern, now infested with the ghosts of the past."

Phantasm is a traditional-style mini-RPG. It doesn't break a whole lot of new ground, but since it's not meant to be an epic, it's rather straight-up and uses many tried-and-true RPG elements.

About the only "interesting" feature Phantasm has is how its character system works. There are two characters, and you can change which one appears on the map. Some dialogues change depending on who's in the lead, and the lead character gets party-side initiative in combat as well as a larger amount of experience.

Tech details:
The game is coded in freeBASIC 0.14 and uses PTCXL 1.1 for graphics, Bass for sound, and the Windows API for input. The game is not directly portable to Linux, but a Linux version may be possible in the future. The game is gamepad-compatible and supports both analog and POV-type controllers.

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