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Posted by moonlord 
Status Finished 
Prog. language Java 
Last update 28-12-2005 
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Realms of Rivalry, with similarities to classic games like Space Crusade, XCom and Sabre team, is a turn-based multiplayer strategy game with roleplay elements.

- Multiplayer with up to 4 players.
- Players control teams of 3 characters: Warrior, Archer and Mage.
- Turn-based gameplay with optional time limit per turn.
- Randomly generated game world.
- CPU controlled monsters.
- Equippable weapons and armor.
- Operatable traps, potions and other items.
- Occlusion calculation used in combat situations.
- Interrupts.
- Different types of terrain.
- Buy & sell items at vendors.
- Monster respawning.
- Ingame chat.
- Community-friendly lobby.
- Detailed end-of-game summary panel.

Realms of Rivalry is primarily a multiplayer game but it is possible to log in and play a map alone just to familiarize yourself with the interface and gameplay.

The game is built from basic gameplay principles we all know and love.
However, it requires a little effort and time to get into the game mechanics in order to fully enjoy it, but it is well worth it!

We hope you will like the game as much as we do!!

For more information and to play the game, visit

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