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Posted by pyrrho12 
Status Finished 
Prog. language Pascal 
Last update 05-02-2006 
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A century and a half ago the human race was nearly destroyed by nuclear
war. Your character enters a world trapped between the promise of a
better tomorrow and the horrors of its past. Play the game as a suave
mecha pilot, a lawless renegade, a charismatic pop star, or nearly any
other type of character you can imagine. Choose from 41 skills and 28
talents to build the character you want.

Every time you play, the world of GearHead will be different. Your
character's personal story is generated randomly based on his life
story and actions during the game. In addition to this, the game world
continually generates random missions and story events so you will
never run out of things to do.

GearHead features a highly detailed mecha creation system as well.
There are over 100 standard machines, ranging from giant robots and
animal mecha to conventional planes and tanks. You can customize your
mecha using parts captured in battle or bought at a store.

Review by tunginobi on 11-02-2007
Almost completely random content and quests will keep you on your toes. The mecha engineering of the game gives an extra dimension to the game. There's plenty to do, both on foot and in your giant robot. You can even gather AI-driven allies in the form of lancemates.

My only complaint about the game is mostly combat-oriented, so the many non-combat options of getting by seem like minor sidequests than ways to play on their own.

Oh, and it plays on Linux as well. If you don't like the way traditional roguelikes kick you while you're down, but still enjoy the genre, this is definitely worth playing.
Review by Captain Vimes on 06-03-2007
This game is quite entertaining. Randomly generated conversations means that any given conversation is almost guaranteed to make you laugh, and some of the parental conversations you can get are just hilarious to think about.

Aside from being funny, however, GearHead is a great game. The mecha creation system allows for infinite gameplay styles, but the game can be overwhelming at first because of all the options available. The option of recruiting lancemates is also nice. So is having the storyline tailored to your character, though I found it extremely confusing at times.

I give GearHead Arena a 9. It's a great game, but it's hard to get into at the beginning because the options overwhelm you. If you take the time to get into it, though, it's an awesome game.