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Posted by pingu 
Status Finished 
Prog. language Visual Basic 
Last update 13-06-2006 
Links Website; Download;

Elysium Diamond (v 2.0)
Made by pingu.

:: Intro ::

Okay, this is absolutely final! I'll be doing the compiled version tommorow and I'll include an updater. Look at the posts further one for the code changes and a copy of the license.

:: License ::

Here is the license in a nut shell. The full version is in the download and in the post below. This is not an official interpretation and may not be 100% correct (I'm just adding this in so you guys can't say "but pingu said...").

Copyright (c) 2006 Elysium Source. All rights reserved.

You must...
1. Keep the copyright message (the same as above) in source.
2. Keep the copyright message (the same as above) in the compiled version if that is how your engine works.
3. In the documentation OR the output (credit list perhaps), say something like: "This product includes software developed by Elysium Source ("
4. Don't call your games or engine "Elysium" unless you get my permission. I shouldn't care with engines.

Elysium Source is not responsible for damages.

Certified by the Open Source Initiative.

:: New Feature List ::
Listed in order added.

Server Status Indicator
Server Set Access
SadScript Mapping
Speech Editor
NPC Speech
NPC Speech Scripting
New Party System
Command List
Pet System
Ultra Fast Map Packet
Packet Debug
Better INI Storage
Better HP Bars
Removed Attribute NPCs
NPC Spawn
Updated Map Editor
Better Area Effect Animations
Customizable Credit
Customizable Player Size
Script Editor Client Side
Audio Emoticons
Accurate Mapping
Map Converter
Friend List
Server Grid System
A Bunch More Server Optimizations
Bug Fixes

Video demonstrations found HERE.

:: Various Screenshots ::

:: Additional Comments ::

If you wish to post this download on another forum, PLEASE link to this topic and do not just copy it or post the link to the files. If you see ANY violations of the license, please report them right away. Thank you.

:: Downloads ::


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