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Posted by mininetaz 
Status Early development 
Prog. language C++ 
Last update 04-03-2007 

3D Horror RPG developed for the "First Gothic/Horror RPGDX contest". It will be built using my 3D engine. It will serve as the contest entry as well as the first playable demo of the engine.

Tools Used In Developmet:
Custom Map Editor
Poser 6

The screen shot to the right is from my development system which is a MAC the game will
be avalible in both WindowsXP & OSX flavors.

Did some more work on the outside of the church grounds. Added some trees and a new property for static meshes that I needed to support trees as they are in there current form. Hoping to get a playable demo together for the contest it will NOT be a game that is for sure. With any luck more updates soon.

Got to put some time in on the game today. Finaly figured out what was causing Poser6 textures UV information to be exported incorrectly. Now I can make texture for my people in a single file rather than multiple files, thus using less memory for texture of NPC. I did some optimizing to the map editor so that should help speed things along. I've been doing all my coding on the XP computer today, with any luck I wont have to modify any of the optimizing code when I port the new build over to my mac tomorrow. My XP comptuer lacks modeling tools so I'm just flushing out the finaly bits of the church grounds. The last screen shot is from a shed on the church ground. It also shows off the lighing engine a bit "not much tho".

Back from the dead! I have had very little time to do much on the game or the engine, work was killer last month. I'm hoping to spend some time this weekend working on the engine. I have the OK "I think" from my feance, so if all goes well I'll post some new stuff by Monday or so. As far as the game goes dont know what it will be by the time the contest deadline hits, Hopefully more then a walkaround a 3D level demo. I had big hopes for this contest, but damit work just got in the way.

I've spent 90% of the day just making models and textureing etc.. I spent the other time adding a few features to the engine and one bug fix. I'm about ready to start scripting the Church level which will take the player through 3 quests and be the starting point of the forth. One of the 3 quest sis a simple side quest that the player can skip. I'm going see how much of the church level I can get done this weekend I hope all if it. If I do I will post a play through viedo so you guy's can get a feel for the game etc..

[2-1-2007 LATER THAT DAY]
I have created some of the games static models & posted what tools i'm using to make
this game. I have also made the first character model Father Tom (Texturing is not yet done), it was made very quickly with Poser6 and UVX for texture map buidling. This is my favorite feature about my 3D engine its friendliness to Poser models/animations gives the non artist such as myself a ton of power when it comes to creating people to populate a game. Working on writing out some of the game elements and quests so I can start to build them.

Here is my work goals for this game as 90% of my engine code is done I will spent the first two weeks giving the game a visual space. Then the last to weeks add the dialog and combat systems which is all that is left for my engine as far as this competion is concered.

Game Development Goals:
Week1: Create Low Poly Models
Week1.5: Start Level development
Week2: Work on game maps & models
End Of Week2: Be complete with ALL modeling need
Week3: Complete game maps & script it. Code game dialog system & test.
End Of week3: Code games fighting system.
Week4: Complete fighting system.
Week4.5:Beta test game
End Week For: Post For competion.

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