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Posted by ScytheCGC 
Status Almost finished 
Prog. language Visual Basic 
Last update 04-02-2007 
Links Website; Download;

Head Administrator/Owner/Creator - Scythe

Administrator(s): Yukimura

GM(s): DarkDragoon

Developer(s): Amnesia, LightDragon, Nemesis

Mapper(s): None

Moderator(s): Silence/Curse, Smoke, Seda, Jamie, Lateralus, NeedleMouth


Hey, this is Scythe the owner of LoZ EX. LoZ EX is made with the X-Realms 2D MMORPG Engine, which is made with Mirage Source =).

LoZ EX is short for Legacy of the Zodiac EX. Our host is DarkDragoon who has the server up 24/7 unless something happens like the power goes out, he's running on a Windows XP. This version of LoZ, LoZ EX has been around since February 2006 and is still growing and getting better day by day. We have over 1500 awesome maps for people to explore. If you download it and try it I'm sure you will become addicted to it. We have a hard working Staff that is always there to lend a helping hand if you have a question or two. There is plenty of stuff for you to do, and more is still in the works!

This is the staff list of LoZ EX which I will update when needed.

Head Administrator/Owner/Creator - Scythe

Administrator(s): Yukimura

GM(s): DarkDragoon

Developer(s): Amnesia, LightDragon, Nemesis

Mapper(s): None

Moderator(s): Silence/Curse, Smoke, Seda, Jamie, Lateralus, NeedleMouth

Class Info (Descriptions by Amnesia)

Rogue (Their specialty is their high speed compared to the other characters. Good for beginners)

Samurai (A high attack power, great choice for those would-be looters)

Dragoon (Base their stats more on def in the beginning)

Monk (A more balanced class, with a little bit lower speed. At higher levels they learn how to focus their Ki into devastating attacks)

HawkEye (Not a melee class, and not a mage class, but develops into a Ranger class, once Bows are added to the game.)

Cleric (The healing class in LoZ EX. Clerics can either choose to be magic users or Melee class, for they have pretty good points for either type.)

Sorcerer (Quite obviously the magic class. They learn the most spells in the game and can do quite a bit of damage if you level them high enough.)

Don't worry, there are over 400 other sprites you can change to, you change your sprite by using a Sprite Orb, which brings you to the Sprite Change Room, where you can change around your sprite to what you want =). A few examples are shown below =D.

Fight Clubs

Fight Clubs are hidden in most towns, search hard to find them, and see what rewards await you!

Class Weapons

Each class gets their own weapon that only they can use, the strength and durabilities differ depending on how the class works. The class weapons are not released yet, but are almost complete.

Class Accessories

Each class gets their own accessory that only they can use, the stats they add reflect the class, for example, samurai's accessory will add the most strength of any class accessory. In the future there will be a second stronger class accessory, currently their is only one for each class.

Castle Sieges

Castle sieges will be implemented once Class Weapon Quests are completed.

Arulian Casino

The Arulian Casino is a casino where you get gamble tokens by playing the Dice game, or win more tokens in the Slot room, there will soon be a Token Arena; where if you die, you drop tokens! The tokens can be traded in for valuable accessories o.o.

Towns/Areas Released

Haven Harbor/Warf - Complete

Haven(Town) - Complete.

Haven Outskirts/Haven Shore - Complete unless more is added.

LoZ(Ocean) - Complete until we need more maps of the ocean.

Crescent Mountain - Complete.

Crescent Cave - Almost Complete.

Haven Sewers - Complete.

City of Nara - Complete.

Outskirts of Nara - Complete unless we need to add more.

Nara Swamps - Complete.

Nara Mines - Completed, we may add more maps.

Nara Caverns - Completed more maps may be added.

Kenshi Village - Complete.

Ryoko - Completed, more is being added to the back end.

Ryushin Mountains - Complete.

Shinjoku - Complete.

The East - Lots of it is made but Aoishi is still working on it.

Sub Zero IceField - Part before Sub Zero complete.

Sub Zero (Town) - Outsides done.

Sub Zero (Town Insides) - Most are done, others aren't needed yet.

Zhu Jin (Southern Continent) - Finished except for the Highlands Village, a few high level quests are done here or parts of them are done here.

The West - This is the area in between Ryoko and Kenshi, I'm still working hard on it, it isn't fully finished yet.

Granemor Mountains - 1/4 of the Mountain is complete.

Granemor Valley - The Southern Valley is complete.

City of Holy Light - Complete.

Alkanor - Completed - Beautiful city with waterfalls and running waters.

Zhu Jin Underground - Completed, mapped by Amnesia

Southern Sub Zero - The Southern Mountain Descent that brings you to the Sub Zero Icefield; being worked on by Lateralus.

Sub Zero Icefield - Will be made by me and Lateralus when the Southern Sub Zero is completed.

Mesa - A small coastal island, with a small merchant port town.

Lair of Ka Ru - Being made by me, will contain a large part of the Dragon Claws Quest.

Note that it's not a full list of all the areas, explore to find more!

Equipment Released - Some can be bought in stores some are quests and some you just have to collect some items, pictures of all the items can be found on the LoZ Site under Guides/Game Information, the website will be mentioned later in this post.

Weapons Released With Strength Required.

Wooden Staff - 1
Rusty Sword - 3
Steel Blade - 8
Iron Lance - 12
Jeweled Dagger - 20
Estoc - 30
Crimson Knuckles - 35
Bone Crusher - 50
Aurora Bane - 70
Sufferthorn - 83
Autaba Mace - 95
Savior of Haven - 100
Khukuri - 130
Ashbringer - 135
Iron Ram - 155
Masamune - 160
Sapphire Edge - 180
Kora - 225
Ropalon - 250
Northern Star - 275
Styx - 300
One Winged Angel - 305
Chaos Blade - 325

Staffs Released With Bonus Magic Given.

Wooden Staff - 12
Iron Staff - 30
Mana Crystal Staff - 90
Wizard Staff - 120
Heavy Staff - 150
Dragon Staff - 175
Omni Staff - 230

Armors Released With Defense Required.

Cloth Robe - 1
Silk Shirt - 3
Leather Garb - 5
Rusty Bronze Armor - 7
Bronze Armor - 10
Rusty Plate Mail - 15
Plate Mail - 21
Valkyrie Mail - 27
Temple Robes - 35
Iron Armor - 47
Genji Armor - 56
Galmia Gear - 67
Cuirass - 80
Brigadine Armor - 92
Shijin Plate - 108
Gaia Gear - 117
Opal Armor - 130
Ashura Armor - 142
Peytral - 161
Phaeton's Breastplate - 182
Aegis - 200
Divine Plate - 250

Helms Released With Speed Requirement.

Cache - 2
Hachimaki - 6
Circlet - 16
Emperor Crown - 30
Ancient's Helm - 50
Federation Hachimaki - 58
Shade Hood - 76
Zunari Kabuto - 100
Haciman Jinpachi - 125
Daishi's Crown - 150
Wyrm Mask - 175

Shields Released.

Wooden Shield Adds 3 Defense.
Bronze Shield Adds 10 Defense.
Mithril Shield Adds 30 Defense.
Ring of Protection Adds 55 Defense.
Shield of Valour Adds 70 Defense.
Aegis Shield Adds 150 Defense.

Accessories Released.

Pegasus Bracer
Simple Armband
Wind Armlet
Earth Bangle
Fire Band
Murky Stone
Swamp Dagger
Warrior's Ring
Mage's Cloak
Holy Pendant
Wolf Mask
Dragoon Wing
Elven Cloak
Daishi's Bracer
Book of Arts
Thief's Ring
Titan Armband
Hero's Cape
Dark Emperor's Cape

Click Here to view a complete list of accessories! Thanks to Amnesia for the accessory list.


Click Here to view a complete list of spells! Thanks to Amnesia for the spell list.

Here are a few screenshots of areas on LoZ EX.

If there is too many screenshots tell me xD

Current Guilds of LoZ EX; as well as their leaders.

Brotherhood of Shadows Tag: *BoS* Lead by james__
Hands of Death Tag: HoD Lead by iceghost
SIN Tag: SIN Lead by Silence
Army of Nerevar Tag: -AoN- Lead by Takeda

The official website of LoZ EX is

To visit the homepage of LoZ EX Here

You can join the forums which are on the websites by click on Forums under modules. To download the LoZ EX client Go to Downloads on the Main Menu. Choose LoZ EX Clients and Click on LoZ EX 1.5 Beta Client and it will download. There are three versions; .rar, .zip and a Setup.exe version.

LoZ EX Fansites
Here are some fansites with Guide information created by LoZ EX Players.

Bob's LoZ EX Fan site
Jamie's LoZ EX Fan site

If you have any questions you may contact me through...
AIM: Dynasty8307

Post what you think about my game here if you wish, or ask any questions that you may have, thanks for your time :).


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