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Posted by Bjørn 
Status Early development 
Prog. language C++ 
Last update 20-03-2007 
Links Download;

Adam Turk (design, story and some coding)
Bjørn Lindeijer (mostly engine)
Frode Lindeijer (graphics)
Olof Næssén (music, maybe also some other stuff)


This is our entry into Lilith's Enticement. We started out with the Moonlight Engine, which has been enhanced since its last game release (the Blues Brothers RPG). We now have a bit of a plot written up by Adam, some music composed by Olof and two tiles drawn by Frode.

We have this idea that it would be nice if the game could scale up the combat. After all, the hero usually gets stronger and stronger and encounters bosses and such. What if armies could get very big with huge enemies? Well, it wouldn't fit on your screen anymore! That's why the Moonlight Engine now has OpenGL support with scaled map drawing, so that it can zoom out a bit if things get too big...

20 March, 2007
Well, we didn't make the deadline and we didn't manage to make a game. A preview release is availabe, however, and we do plan to finish this game in due time.

19 February, 2007
We've made a bit more progress (yay). Olof has composed a song for in the forest level, Modanung drew the first player character frame and has some tiles progressing nicely (not featured yet), Adam is working on dialogue and sequences and Bjørn got the first sense of combat working. Last but not least, another secret development screenshot was uploaded!

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