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A Time for War (working title)
Posted by BDZ 
Status Walkaround demo 
Prog. language QuickBasic 
Last update 13-10-2007 

A sci-fi rpg set in the 400 years in the future when the combination of science and the spiritual is brewing a terrible conflict...

Added new screenshots.

ATFW has now reached the walkaround demo stage. (I don't plan on releasing a demo because I fail to see the point.) Major improvements have been made to large portions of the engine (such as the windowing system.) Also, I have been working on a flexible palette / tile / map editor that suits my purposes better than other tools I have tried (such as Paint, GIMP, and Tile Studio.) As an engine, the only things lacking are the battle engine and a few script functions. As a playable game, I am just getting started.

ATFW at this point (after working on it on and off for over a year) is quite close to the walkaround demo stage. The scrolling engine, windowing system, a good deal of the script engine as well as some test graphics and animations of the main characters are somewhat there (not final, but they work well nonetheless.)

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