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Posted by RangerSheck 
Status Playable 
Last update 03-09-2007 

Working Features:

  • Turn-based, Grid/Tactics-style combat
  • The nature of the combat system makes it an ideal "coffee-break" RPG - close the window in the middle of combat - when you come back your turn will be patiently waiting for you
  • Up to 8 characters total - 4 in your active party, giving you the ability to swap characters in and out
  • Each character can wield two weapons, and combat actions are based on combinations of skills related to weapons - currently 60+ possible actions
  • Buy/sell items from/to other players in the Market
  • A couple of Missions are in the game now, plenty more to come
  • Completely web-based - uses javascript and DHTML (no Flash) - use of AJAX minimizes page-loading
  • Cross-browser compatibility - play from practically any computer with a recent browser! Well tested in Firefox 2, but also known to work well with IE6/7, Safari, and Opera (IE6 is not ideal, if you have to use IE, IE7 has better CSS and alpha transparency support)

Latest screenshots here:

More about the game:
Some help docs:

Registration is always free - at some point I may offer account upgrades or something else, but there will always be a free version.

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