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Posted by Ashtoreth 
Status Early development 
Prog. language C++ 
Last update 25-10-2007 
Links Website;

(just those I have so far, I did not write the small contributor)

Genevieve L. - Game Design/Prod/Concept Art, Sprite/ Bass guitar
Nick B. - Head Programmer/Engine programmer
Sebastien B. - Concept Art, Sprite
Nathalie J. - Clarinet, Level Design, Design helper (Monsters, weapons)
Gaetano C. - Design helper (Weapons, history), Concept Artist, Scripting help
Eric V.d.S - Programmer AI, Design helper

(the music so far)

Charle "Chuck" M. - Head Music Composer
Khoa T. - Composer, Guitarist and other strings
Sam L. - Music Mixer, Keyboard (harpsichord, organ, piano) Composer
Dimitri T. - Alto
Michel B. - Violin
Alexandre H. - Clarinet, second guitar

And a lot of others which aren't ready to have their name posted online yet


soon to come

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