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Legend Hunter: In the Realm of the Far Away
Posted by ManaTroph 
Status Early development 
Prog. language C++ 
Last update 25-06-2008 

Final Update: July 2, 2011

After a long haitus from the comunity and from active developement period, this one is being called off indefinately for now, but may resurface later at some point as a totaly new project in some form or another.

Update: June 26, 08

I am busy again on this project. Am still Working on the spell system and have made a lot of progress. Hopefully in about a week i should have a fully functioning spell system. As it is it is about 70% complete. A weeks time may be a liberal estimate but we shall see.

I am playing around with using the win32 API with the program. I have replaced the clunky timing in ctime.h and have gone with the windows equivelent, using GetTickCount() instead. Right now i am not using it for animation (but will be and know how) but for seeding my random number generator. I have also added midi music using winmm.lib. Extending on this i will also use playSound() for soundeffects.

Being able to add more use of the win32 API has inspired me. I have decided to completely finish Legend Hunter as a text console game. In order to make it more apealling in addition to sound I'm going to do a lot more work on it graphically. Which means it will go from light use of ascii graphics to heavy use. This will include a first person perspective of the dungeon. I am already planning out the logic for this feature. Ocasional simple animation will pop up from time to time in the game.

I'm not ruling out the posibility of basing a windows game around the Legend Hunter rpg engine. But there will likely be some major changes and down scaling of things. I will have completed this project first which will be a fully featured rpg. The windows 'sequel' to come will have a alot of features removed. Just looking at making a windows gui game at that point.

I hate making deadlines for myself, but i think it would be safe to say i will have an early demo by late September. Keep checking here for progress.

Update: June 9, 08

First thing. The main title has been changed from Dragon Hunter to Legend Hunter as the old name may conflict with current copyrights or trademarks out there, and hopefully the new one does not.

I have decided that i will complete this game in text console mode first. This will give me time to practice win32 programming and graphics programming in c++. Then it will be likely that i will use the the original game logic (with updates of course) to construct a fully functioning windows game.

I am again working on the spell system which is now totally designed but still needs to be coded alot more. I have spent enough time designing it that i am able to keep it simple logic wise while it should add a suitable amount of complexity to gameplay. Since it is a text based game, gameplay should be somewhat varied and interesting.

I am also looking ahead to dungeon interactivity, npcs, and quests as well as adding extra dungeons and towns. I've been exploring the design aproaches i will need to take to acomplish these. Some are more complex (such as npcs and quests) because they intertwine with one another. Over all i'm hoping it shouldn't be too bad.

That should cover all of the key features and systems of the game. It's not likely that i will get a lot more done in the next month and a bit, as I am getting married then. but if i make any progress before then i will post it here asap.

Update: Apr. 22, 08

Progress resumes on Dragon Hunter. For the time being the project continues as a text based game, but hopefully (time permitting) I would like to go fully graphical with the project (win32). This shouldn't be too dificult as the code would remain in c++. It should make the game a lot more appealing, as well sound will be added too.

Well to bring you all up to speed there has been some progress. The combat system (though rudimentary then and also now) had to be reworked from scratch. Also the spell system is finally moving forward. Also a number of fixes and cosmetic tweeks have been done.

PRIOR to March, 08:

Completed and todo lists are more complete and more acurately document progress.

Set in a fantasy world in a multilevel dungeon, using a town as your base of operations.

Your party can contain up to 6 charcters. There will be many races to pick from, so far inculding: human, dwarf, elf, halfling, and lizardman. Also many classes including so far: Fighter, wizard, cleric, thief, and hunter. Extra races may include: troll, sprite and dragon kin. Extra classes may include: ninja, necromancer, avenger.

Storry is pending so far.

There will be some simple puzle solving such as finding keys, swaping key items, and chosing the right path or door. Also there will be npc interaction in and out of the dungeon, as well as quests.

For anyone familiar with this style of game, you may be reminded of the old Wizardry games.

Ok just to let you know this is my first project in c++ and as such is a text only game, but if this project goes well it won't be too long before i do a fullfledged fully graphic windows game.

completed list:

-Town menus
-Town submenus
-Other menus
-Basic dungeon navigation
-Equipment and inventory system
---shop system
---equip weapons and armor
-Character creation
-Class changes
-Combat system (incomplete)
-Experience (nearly complete)
-Automap feature
-Some ascii art

To do list:

-Spell system
-Combat abilities
-NPC interaction
-Puzzle solving
-key items
-usable items

Will update this project whenever there is notable progress but is still in mid-early production.

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