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Posted by PoV 
Status Abandoned 
Prog. language Pascal 
Last update 03-01-2009 
Links Download;

Myself, and 2 other people you don't know


Created (and abandoned) in 1997, Murmur's Dungeon is a unique hybrid of an FF clone and the original Zelda for DOS. Combat, items/stores, and a reasonable sized level to explore.

Based on the engine created for The Legend of Tidal, a 1996 RPG forever lost to faulty computer hard drives.

Developed in Turbo Pascal 7 with the SPX Graphics Library. All art (except enemies) was created in the SPX graphics editor. Enemies were a random combination of scanned art, touched up in Paint Shop Pro 3 and Improcess.

Image uploading doesn't work, so here's the shots linked a different way.

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