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Posted by ManaTroph 
Status Early development 
Prog. language C++ 
Last update 27-11-2011 

November 27, 2011
Got some more work done on the GUI. Progress going nicely. Some new screen shots available here. One of them show cases what SHOULD be the final version of the title screen more or less. More to come soon.

October 26, 2011
The current version under work is begining to make some breakthrough. Basic point and click, mouse over, etc effects available, Graphics routines are partially done. Key handling is available. Custom mouse pointers available. Title screen tentatively done. Basic dungeon navigation currently being coded. Design work continues as the project progresses.

July 2, 2011
Ok well after a log haitus from the comunity and any consistant amount of design and coding, I have decided that since my current job alows me the time to devote to game design I want to pursue building this project again. I have returned to the drawing board with some new ideas and a new name, and recomenced design and building on this one. Details on progress and whats going into the project as it now stands to come in future posts here.

Mar, 21, 2009:
I had a blast doing this project for the LoFi contest, and wanted to do an engine similar to it anyway. So I want to continue with this one and would like to eventually complete it. The original language for the entry was VB. However I am converting it to C++ with SDL, and will probably be using some win32 function calls as well. I want to wait till I get further into the recoding to release more details on the project.

As of LoFi entry:
When I think of Lo-Fi I think of that old school feel. I am in particular reminded of a period in time when PC gaming gaming was getting popular. 8-Bit consoles were on the way out and 16 bit consoles were on the way in. Perhaps one of greatest times in video game history and perhaps the most memorable. And so I try to capture this kind of energy in my entry: a graphical adventure RPG.

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