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Posted by Malignus 
Status Finished 
Prog. language Flash 
Last update 25-09-2009 
Links Website; Download;

The Grand Tournament of Ravinale has become highly popular, drawing warriors from across the continent. The Tournament makes a lot of money, both for its organizers and for the top competitors. You’ve arrived after days of travel, savings in tow, ready to start a team and fight for the grand prize. But why? And who is the mysterious champion that everybody’s so afraid of?

–Build your team from a randomized marketplace of different soldiers. Shadowlings, spriggats, and even the undead are yours to command!

–Train your team however you like, unlocking dozens of powerful attacks along the way.

–Make your way through 10 leagues with 80 challenging, turn-based tactical battles.

–Beat challenge matches to unlock mystic orbs that imbue you with a bevy of special abilities.

–Randomly generate an infinite supply of brand-new battles for you to fight!

Windows: Buy Telepath Psy Arena 2
Mac / Linux: Buy Telepath Psy Arena 2

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