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Posted by Jinroh 
Status Finished 
Prog. language Flash 
Last update 14-07-2010 
Links Website; Download;

Help Lil' Billy on his quest to find his homework! One day, Lil' Billy was sitting in study hall bored and about to check his homework. He opened his binder and found it was gone!! Help him travel through 5 huge levels to find all the pages!!

This is a short game I planned back in 2005 but never finished. I then resurrected it as my 2010 New Year's Resolution of Finishing old Projects. The gameplay is simple and reminiscent of older games like Toejam and Earl and some Roguelikes. You go around the level collecting items, money, water balloons, and pudding. The latter two you can throw at your foes. The money is used at vending machines to better equip you for battle or replenish your hall passes so you don't get detention.

Certain enemies are defeated with certain items as well so there's a certain level of resource management and strategy involved. For example, the Cheerleader's five hour makeup job is ruined by a good water balloon toss whereas the Football Player is shut down by chomping down some delicious pudding.

There are five levels to explore and many places to go, find those 5 pages and reach the top of the leaderboard for eternal glory!

7/14/2010 - Fixed the URLs that were broken here.

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