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Posted by banov 
Status Finished 
Last update 09-08-2010 
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"The golden chest is the legendary, ultimate treasure said to exist since the birth of the world. They say all of piracy began when, centuries ago, explorers sailed out in search of it. The truth is, nobody really knows what's inside, but whatever it is, it's got to hold unfathomable wealth and power! ...If we can get our hands on the key and chest, we'll be the greatest pirates of all time!"

Explore an ocean of islands, battling the Navy on your quest to uncover the greatest treasure known to man. An RPG that actually features likable characters and dialog that doesn't waste your time with needless drama and exposition.

The gameplay uses a mouse-based control scheme, and keeps item navigation and use streamlined and easy. Special items can be dragged and dropped onto the field like bombs and the shovel, and you'll be using them to solve a variety of puzzles. The battle system moves in realtime and forces you to make decisions quickly, and is spiced up with battle items that initiate a mouse-controlled minigame to deal damage to enemies.

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