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Posted by js71 
Status Playable 
Prog. language C++ 
Last update 15-08-2012 
Links Website;

Josiah "a small rat" Tobin - Creative lead -- Visuals, audio, writing, design
Ruben "cha0s" Rodriguez - Tech lead -- Programming, tools and engine design, scripting, add'l design and input


The debut trailer can be seen here:

Story synopsis:
The universe has collapsed into an endless blue void, solid and featureless. Somewhere, there is a small pocket of existence where things continue normally, where the people wonder if there are others out there like them... Trapped in the lonely, featureless expanse of nothingness.

But genius remains, and a small order known as the Ysk discover a crude way of extracting power from the Edge of the World. With this discovery, however, things quickly spiral out of control... And into new and dangerous territory.

The story follows Cody, an orphan and farmhand, and his childhood friend Kira as they trace a growing conspiracy involving the Ysk, their strange technology, and concepts that may shatter their little world forever.

Technology details:
The current engine is written in CoffeeScript and is interpreted by Google's v8 JavaScript engine with a thin C++ scaffolding to provide access to I/O, graphics, sound, etc.

Windows and Linux versions are currently running, with a Mac version planned for the game's release as well.

Since the engine is written in script, modding is a strong possibility.

The engine should run wherever v8 will run. A good way to say this is the engine will run at least everywhere Chrome web browser will run. Ports like JS.NET open up the possibility of bringing the engine to XBox as well as possibly other platforms through other v8 ports.

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