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Posted by Landong 
Status Early development 
Last update 27-06-2013 
Links Website; Download;

Me, Welcoming Contributors


Creating a "Fork" of the original OHRRPGCE and porting it to monkey, this is going to be a major revamp for graphics.

You can view the Live progress of the Monkey port by checking out the HTML5 Custom Editor here


Created a new RPGXML format which i can convert the original rpg formats to for use with the monkey rpg player i am working on.
Supports Embed media and soon External media
I have a OS GUI Style Editor in the works, the primary goal is to use it to convert original OHR .rpg game files to a format more easily read by monkey
Currently can unlump rpg format
Load and edit all sprites. Screenshot below.
Map editor is nearly operational.
Nearly have enough data to create a simple .rpg game to start on the game side of things.
I will try my hardest to keep backwards compatibility with the official .rpg file format. This way at least you can use the app to merely play your game on another device.

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