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Posted by MidnightDreamer 
Last update 28-05-2002 
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Dreamer... - Coding
Hairman - Music


Ever wondered what a game would be like if you mixed an RPG with an R-Type shooter?

Iron Cloud is set to be an R-Type shooter with a difference. The main difference being that the game is a sort of mixed-up genre... you fly around like an R-Type (although your actually in a giant robot mech thing called Titan-01) but you gain experience like an RPG, and the combat is based on experience as well a bit like an action RPG.

So I figured that if I could get the R-Type aspect of it down (in Qbasic with DQB) then the rest would be easy... and waddya know? It worked! So the first downloadable demo is a little highscore thing with a scrolling storyline and the classic high score table that comes with the package. Check out the Black Gate Corps page to find out about its progress.

Review by DeveloperX on 18-05-2003
Wow. 7 of ten because of some weird bugs:
Question. why does the game quit before time runs out, or you lose all your health?
I never got hit once, had 215 kills, and 46 seconds on the timer. but it ended.?
Well, awesome demo, I want to see the final game!!!!!!
Review by pabarry on 25-09-2003
I can't wait to see this game finished.

The controls were smooth as could be and made the shooting aspect of the game very fun. Nothing ruins a game more than terrible input systems.

I would have prefered a longer time to accumulate a score (it ran for 45 seconds before having it start over), but still I got 239 kills ;)

Anyone who enjoys shoot-em-ups should try this game.