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Posted by Sirocco 
Status Playable 
Prog. language C++ 
Last update  
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Sirocco - Everything and then some.


A console-style rpg that features extremely vidid characterization and a surprisingly thought-provoking story.

The engine has recently been completed, and construction of the game is progressing, albeit slowly.

The engine features multiple levels of parallax, a simple particle system, ambient sound effects, fog/smoke/rain/snow and miscellaneous environment effects, pixel scrolling, texture mapped mode-7 style maps, and 70 fps sync’d on a pentium 100 or higher. This engine utilizes tiles but is not tile-based, allowing for more natural feeling environments. A fully playable demo is available (demo 2) with 3-4 hours of game play.

This project is being ported to Allegro 4 and patched for bugs at the same time. Fenix Blade ties into another game project set in the same world, but in a different time period: Cry Havoc.

Review by skyblu on
im inpressed... it looks really original, thats what i like most about it. There is a lot to it in items spells and skills and what not. I enjoyed this demo.
Review by darkpagan on 14-04-2002
Excellent graphics the beginnings of a goood plot and a more lighthesrted take on console RPGs well worth a look
Review by vincent on 26-04-2002
I was quite looking forward to the second demo, and I avidly downloaded it as soon as I heard about it. The first map is awesome, and the water effects really nice. As they say: reserve your second best effect for the first scene, and your best one for the end scene ;)
Story and scripting are neat (I mean, how many RPGs start by "go and see the king" ?), graphics are excellent, and touches of humor lighten the atmosphere. The scenes are complex and well thought out, and you can really see the amount of work that went into these.
The only drawback I see is ...
(I know I'm gonna get bashed here) ... fights.
There are too damn many random fights. That's bad. That's it, I said it. I don't mind story based fights, like those underground monsters that you barely see and have to avoid or fight them, or the two slavers you encounter on the beach, but random fights are a turn off. But I've heard that so many have expressed the opposite opinion that I'll just have to deal with it ;P
That was the only drawback I can complain of. The rest is awesome for an indie game.
If there is one RPG you can download, it will be this one.
Review by Moogle on 30-01-2003
this game rocks!!!!
Review by gnuthole on 25-04-2003
Likely one of the best RPGs you will ever come across. Although only a demo is available at the time of writing, Fenix Blade is a spectacular fusion of gameplay, story-telling and is presented beautifully.

The story is quite intriguing from what the demo offers the player. Sirocco has managed to assemble the story in such a way that the characters all have their complications, and live in a world of similar people. He has managed to avoid a major pitfall in many RPG storylines: centralising the world around the protagonist. The way the events and experiences of characters intertwine is mesmerising.

The gameplay itself is something to be awed in this sort of game. The battles adopt the ATB system seen in the Final Fantasy series (IX and previously). In addition, magic and weapons are trained into proficiency in each individual character, so the player may choose their strategy in battle. Sirocco has included a special attack system where a character may counterattack or evade, using a key-combination system.

Considering the situation of the developer, the presentation of this game is astounding, to say the least. The graphics are well-constructed and consistent, and the soundtrack, though currently not original, lends an extra level of immersion for the player to experience.

If there is only ever one independant RPG you ever play, make it this one. A masterpiece in the making.
Review by Hair Machine on 16-07-2003
This is one of the best RPG's I've played... I've played two different demos and it rules! The presentation, gameplay and storyline are all amazing.
Just to show you how good I think it is, I'm playing Breath of Fire on the GBA and this game (in my opinion) is better.
Review by Aj on 22-07-2003
Amazing! Wonderful graphics, clearly effort has been put in, more than enough! Really good storyline which involves the characters and the player! I was so disappointed when I saw this as second best... I hope Sirocco can finish this one! Great stuff!
Review by PiotrLegnica on 14-05-2004
The game is very good. But i expected something more.