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Posted by DarkDread 
Status Abandoned 
Prog. language QuickBasic 
Last update 03-06-2004 
Links Download;

Darkness Ethereal


03-06-04, 8:41am, EST: Finally, the last ever build of this game is available for download. This version is the same as the demo (ie, it ends after Mattress and Cooey finish talking when they exit the Coo Forest) except you can walk around a bit on an unfinished map, and inside an unfinished mountain town after that.

Review by jkettles16 on 06-09-2004
A QB masterpiece of comedy in the making, that is what Secret of Cooey 3 is. The tale is very engrossing and the comedic fest of Cooey and Mattress keeps you coming for more. That's not the only thing, however, the masterful pixel work in this third installment matches and may even exceed some of the greatest SNES titles. Game play is very rich as well and while the battle system is based completely on the Final Fantasy Series the beauty of the GUI and character animations is sweet candy to the eyes. The demo features an utterly cool and very mysterious villain and leaves you with a major cliffhanger. The saddest thing about this game is the community may never see it complete. It's very sad because this could be one of the best QB games ever.