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Posted by DarkDread 
Status Finished 
Prog. language QuickBasic 
Last update 03-06-2004 
Links Download;

Darkness Ethereal


03-06-04, 7:48am, EST: The download link for this game works again!


The last game found our hero saving the world. However, a new terror has arisen since then. For an ominous tower has appeared, and an evil force has begun to darken the world.

You once again take control of Cooey. This time, your goal is to enter the tower, and defeat the minions of that dark crystal. SoC2 is an inmrovement over the original game. It features original music, better graphics, and a longer quest. Even though it took longer to complete, it is still considered a mini RPG. Give The Secret of Cooey II a try today!

Review by darkpagan on 08-06-2002
What a great damn game.The graphics are fucking amazing I loved the midi and the feel and gameplay is fantastic down to a point.Download it you Borshes
Review by Imerion on 11-06-2002
I´ll start off with saying that i like this game! It has some flaws but overall its a great game.
You play as Cooey who must enter a huge tower that has appeared near the village. I won´t say to much but it will not be as easy as it sounds.

First, the gameplay is nice. Pixel*pixel movement and the usual menus and commands. The thing that bothers me most is that the main caracter moves very slowly. This might be adjustable, but i didn´t found any way to do so and this is sad, since it drags down the overall feel of the game.
The gfx is great! Wonderful tileart and cool caracters. Also, the battles look nice and well animated. Some backgrounds are also nice to look at.
The music is great, but it is still the usual midi-type.
What is there more to say, the battles are cool and everything seems to work. One thing that that i didn´t liked was that the enemies were unbalanced sometimes. You can crush one boss easily and one the next floor you will be defeated by a normal enemy. This makes the game harder, but it still feels a little unbalanced.
Overall, a great game, though has some flaws, but if you are patient you won´t care about them.
Review by tcaudilllg on 21-10-2003
This game is great. The music is decent and the graphics are effective and detailed. It is cumbersome to move though, because the key handler is driven by QB's INKEY$ command. What this equates to is one keystroke per movement, as opposed to simply holding an arrow key down to keep the player character walking. If you hold down a key then a very unwelcome hardware interrupt will be called shortly thereafter....

Among all RPGs, SOC2 is definitely unique. Everyone should play it.
Review by jkettles16 on 06-09-2004
Simply stunning. Secret of Cooey 2 does a great job of picking up where the first left off. It's significant improvement graphically and the rich story offers a beautiful tapestry of game play. New characters, improved battle systems, and an assortment of cool villains left me feeling real good at the finale. Even more cool, the game was open sourced allowing so many to learn from Darkness Ethereal how they might begin to create a RPG. This learning tool certainly helped me to create better RPGs. All in all I had a laugh out loud blast playing through the game.
Review by BadMrBox on 30-10-2004
What can I say? Cooey rocks. To bad that it uses inkey$.
Review by Aptyp on 01-11-2004
Fighting Urobulus crashes the game :-/
Other than that, it's very well-made and definitely enjoyable.