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Posted by DarkDread 
Status Finished 
Prog. language QuickBasic 
Last update 03-06-2004 
Links Download;

Darkness Ethereal


03-06-04, 7:47am, EST: The download link for this game works again!


"Protect the Elements, Cooey... You must protect them!" The final words of the Wind Spirit ring through your ears as you set out on a grand adventure.

The Secret of Cooey is a mini RPG of sorts, which spoofs the big console titles. This little game was created in under 25 hours worth of coding and drawing. It is still however a fun little title. Give The Secret of Cooey a try.

Review by Mandrake on 03-06-2002
heh, this game rocks. ROck rock rock rock rocks rocks rocks.....
I have always been a huge fan of this game, just the way it plays, the graphics, etc, remind me of an old NES RPG. It's music, with it's ludicrous QBMidi beeps and boops sound like NES synth.

The gameplay is the best part, it's solid. It's unremarkable just how easy, and yet ho utterly seamless it can be. The only problem i see with it are the menus (heh, press a for attack kind of dealie), but
it works out well when you get used to it.

Overall, for a game made in 25 hours, and being that is complete (mini, but complete), and add on the fact that it is FUN to play....heh, downloads away!
Review by BadMrBox on 02-05-2003
This is a real classic. It's cult. If you dont have played it. Do so.
This is the game that made me code myself so that is one part of the high rating.
Review by gnuthole on 05-09-2003
This game is good, but not as good as it makes out. I'm aware it is supposed to be a cheap attempt, but some of the technicalities really obstruct its purpose of parodying major RPG titles. Movement is clunky and cheap, and the battle system is painful, to say the least. But its nice to see a stab in the direction of RPG company imperialism, and a banner under which other freeware RPGs can rally.
Review by jkettles16 on 06-09-2004
Secret of Cooey was a beauty to play, and one of many of Darkness Ethereal's games that set me on my way in developing QB games. While simplistic, the tale is fun and very absorbing and allows you to get into the game despite the flaws. On the other hand, the flaws were numerous, graphical glitches and a lack luster battle system. Considering the time it took to develop it and the well thought interaction, one can easily look past the mistakes. After all, none of the problem ever did crash the game or hurt my progress. The game is simply a classic that any avid QB gamer or progger should look at for inspiration.