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Posted by XMark 
Last update 09-06-2002 
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XMark - all graphics, music, and code


It's a small dusty town 500 miles away from the middle of Nowhere, but to you it's the most wonderful thing you have ever seen in your life. Robbed by bandits and left for dead in the scorching hot deserts of Arizona, you made your way to this small town.

But people don't take kindly to strangers in these parts.

This game is for the 48-hour mini-rpg competition. Unfortunately, I was unable to complete it but I assure you it has a really good plot, and I will finish it outside of the competition. For now there's an incomplete demo version.

Review by Mandrake on 10-06-2002
this game is cool, the writing is superb, the opining graphic fantastic, and the music is top-notch. Not too mention that what this demo shows was only done in's just really cool. Finish it Xmark...finish it...I was actually sad when I realised I was at the end of the demo :(.
Review by DarkDread on 10-06-2002
The music, along with the writing, certainly sets the mood for this mini RPG. It really helps to create the feeling of despair... and, along with the simple, yet well done, tile graphics... you really do feel as if you are... Nowhere. :)
Review by Georg on 13-06-2002
Very nice start. Really nice story and especially the music makes the atmosphere. I think the music is the best and best fitting I've heard so far. For a first try it's very good. You should really finish it.
Review by darkpagan on 23-06-2002
Great detailes graphics. Fantastic music and you really get the feel of horror minus the zombies please finish it
Review by Modanung on 27-06-2002
I think this game is quite bad... The music's cool, but the graphics are ugly (I admit, they could be worse), no items/skills while in combat, only 2 different creatures to fight and it's VERY incomplete.
The graphics are too bright and they look really flat to me. I think that white blob in the sand with those black pixels in it was supposed to be a skull? Well, at least it has graphics. :)
The music is very good, it really strengthens the theme.
The combat is okay, but there's just too less variation in battles. Only two different creatures and no use of items or skills.
Every door I walk in comes out in the same room... Every time I walk out of that same room I come out of the same door. Still following me? It just doesn't make any sense.
Review by DrunkenCoder on 20-07-2002
The game starts *really* well, great music, great writing, it made me just want to play it, and play it and... well... then the game started.. The moody music still there, great atmosphere I could feel the despair of the hero, felt like I was indeed caugth nowhere. Made it to town, and then, well.. nowhere turned into nothing...
FOR GODS FUCKING SAKE FINNISH THIS GAME! I wan't to know what happens, what the heck is Jacob talking about, where is that in?

Ok, weak points, the battle engine is confusing as hell to start with, and really the damage inflicted by an attack could be called something else than "you take 7 damage" when infact I just inflicted 7 points of damage. And maybe the graphics isn't top notch, but they sure are a lot nicer than anything I could come up with, and well, they really don't matter (much) lots of great games don't even have them (think DarkWoods 1 & 2 to name just a few)
Review by Zip on 03-04-2003
This might not be a bad game if it had a decent engine. I see absolutely no improvement over the engine used in The Arc Legacy, and that is the reason for the low rating. The music seems to suit the situation well, and the gfx, though low resolution, are also suitable. The battle engine is terrible, and the scrolling (T*T) is disgusting.