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Posted by DarkDread 
Status Finished 
Prog. language QuickBasic 
Last update 03-06-2004 
Links Download;

Me, myself, and I


03-06-04, 7:45am, EST: The download link for this game finally works again!

10-06-02, 8:35pm, EST: Just a quick note. If you're running Win2K, or WinXP, you will probably not be able to play the game with music. Just run MW.EXE, and the game will run, but you won't get music. You can try MWMUSIC.EXE. This is the file to run if you want to hear the music. Win95/98 users should run this file, as, they should have no problem running the game with music.

10-06-02, 7:58pm, EST: I've added the download link to the complete game. Note that, since this is the first public version, you may end up beta testing a little. ;)


Take on the role of Mattress, and search for a great treasure.

Features lots of areas to explore, and lots of baddies to face in Dragon Warrior style combat. An original musical score is present, as well.

Review by Striker on 10-06-2002
I loved it! The graphics are simple, and pleasing to view... The music is good and very catchy. I like how the battles don't become annoying accurances after playing for a while because they are usually so short (except for the bosses). My guy turned into a Super-Ultra Matress quickly, so i made short work of all of them.
Overall, a great game for the time it was made... The joke with the sword had me searching all over for a chest in the beginning though.
Review by Imerion on 12-06-2002
For being a 48h contest-game this is amazing. Now Matress gets his own adventure!
The gameplay is fine, smoth scrolling and everything works well. The game is viewed from the normal top-down perspective, but the battles reminds more of Dragon Warrior and they are great. The menus might move a little slow but that might be my computer.
The music is ok. It gets a little repetitive though. I like the boss tune!
The gfx is great. Very nice tileart and cool caracters and enemies.
To put it short, this game is great! Short, but that is understanable since it was made for a 48h contest.
Review by XMark on 12-06-2002
This one looks set to be the winner of the compo! Great graphics, great original music, and random enemy encounters that don't get annoying make this a fun game. The magic spells are quite a bit unbalanced, especially toward the end though (the more powerful spells are much less MP-efficient than the "fire" spell, which ended up being the only spell that I used), but that's the only thing that I can find to gripe about :)
Review by Georg on 13-06-2002
This is a very good MiniRPG. Graphics are good and the music is fine. The story is perfectly suitable for a MiniRPG. Maybe the ratio fighting/story is a little bit outbalanced, because I had to level up until level ??[I realised telling this would be a major spoiler :)] before being able to defeat the final boss. But overall, very good. It's the best I've seen so far!
Review by Modanung on 13-06-2002
Great graphics, but they could be better, that's one small troll you got there ;). No sound effects but the music is really cool. The gameplay is great, I love the fighting, good item and skill support, and the story is okay. This is one of the best games in the compo!
Review by coldacid on 14-06-2002
Great music, neat graphics, and plain old fun. Mattress Warrior was a delight to play, although the controls were pretty sticky at points, and slow. May I say a mini RPG for the ages? :D
Review by JonasKyratzes on 15-06-2002
I really liked this one. It's simple and fun. The graphics are great (I really liked them), the music is OK, the battles are fun.
What else do you want?
Well, a little bit of story might be nice, but we can't have everything, can we? My only gripe about this game is the lack of balance, but it's only a minor problem.
Review by golrien on 15-06-2002
I didn't really like this, heh... it seemed like you'd just taken an engine, drawn a couple of maps and enemies in and released it. Defeating the cave bosses somehow gave you a map, which then made Mattress want to go into a forest and now he's climbing up a tower to fight a god for no reason. It was also a bit unbalanced.. the graphics are as good as usual and the music is generally nice, but it's not one of your best. Even the original SoC was better.
Review by darkpagan on 16-06-2002
Darkdread at his best. This is the type of game you find yourself getting addicted to and I can't believe he done it in 48hours. Excellent
Review by DrunkenCoder on 20-07-2002
Wasn't able to test the sound version so know nothing about how the game sound. But oh my god was it fun to play, sure the balancing was kinda screwy but heck this is a 48hour production. The only thing that really anoyed the hell out of me was that half the time it took to beat the game was leveling up to beat the end game baddie, but overall all thumbs up for this great game.
Review by Crow on 22-07-2002
Damn, it's a fun game! The gfx are great (at least for 48 hours), and so is the music (excluding the village song, that was kind of annoying). But gameplay is the thing, that makes this one of my favourite Qb-games ever. It's very fun to play, and addictive (in a good way). There are 'just' enough random encounters and they don't get annoying.
Review by nir on 26-08-2002
This game has good graphics and a story but it gets boring after 5 minutes. The battles are ok except for so many random encounters. The music is ok for a while but then it gets redundant.