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Posted by Rueben 
Status Playable 
Last update 15-06-2002 
Links Download;

A young soldier for the National Defence Institute is plunged into his past by a young and dark necromancer who plans to use the power of The Fourth Dimension to manipulate time to how he sees fit.

Braxus Chandler, the hero, a warrior with amnesia who struggles to remember his past, is plunged into his own world once again as his past is slowly revealed to him. He proceeds to move from his emotionless mission to anger and frustration, not to mention sadness, as the necromancer slowly works away at him, tearing him apart emotionally. Why? He cannot tell, yet his fight must go on if he wishes to put his mind to rest and save the world from the effects of 'The Fourth Dimension' forever.

The game uses totally custom graphics, front view custom battle system! ...a nifty custom menu with biographies and music player, and neat custom animations. The game revolves around mainly telling a story, but I plan to make it fun. Enjoy Demo 2 which is available for download, it's about an hour long with improved features from demo 1!

The game is created using RPG Code from the RPG Toolkit. Yes, it's not hardcore programming, but it's a simple language that is also very flexible while a lot of the engine aspects are taken care of by the Toolkit.

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