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Posted by XMark 
Status Early development 
Last update 15-04-2010 
Links Website;

XMark - Programming, Music, Tile artwork, a little bit of everything else
Josiah Tobin - Sprite and Tile artwork


Over a thousand years after a world-wide apocalypse, the survivors, stripped of technology, eventually formed new kingdoms over the dead remains of cities. Before long, the cycle of war started up again and the world fell into a major conflict between two great empires.

We follow the story of Bokk, a top general in the Pruthian army, whose loyalties are called into question when he is betrayed by Prince Damien, and a cache of powerful weapons of the "ancients" is discovered.

Bokk and a small group of mis-matched companions must fight against Damien to reclaim the kingdom and prevent him from triggering a second apocalypse.

Originally a C++/Allegro project, I'm starting the engine from scratch using HTML5 and JavaScript to make it platform-independent, and to take advantage of the graphical capabilities of the HTML5 Canvas.

Review by JonasKyratzes on 30-09-2004
The pros: better graphics, better story, better writing, better engine, better music (even if not all of it is original in this version), better everything
The cons: combat graphics are odd, it's easy to accidentally load a game when you wanted to save (minor)

All in all, an excellent demo which promises an impressive full game.
Review by kbomb987 on 02-10-2004
I was really intrigued by the story line, even as short of a piece as I got from it. I died too fast in the overworld, so I didn't have a chance to sleep or whatever I have to do for the next day to arrive so Rydar goes with me. Also, seems to be buggy when you try to save the game, nothing types for saved file name? Very smooth gameplay, great cut-scenes and scrolling, so-so graphics. I really like the desert music, sounds like a real tom-tom in there.