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Dark Woods 2
Posted by Jocke The Beast 
Status Finished 
Prog. language QuickBasic 
Last update 03-07-2002 
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Jocke The Beast


Eduin has once again to get out in the Dark Woods and beat some Orcs and Trolls. The sequel to Dark Woods 1 includes 11 new levels and option to make your own custom levels and play them.

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Review by MidnightDreamer on 04-07-2002
Graphically not much to look at (although possibly the nicest ASCII game i've ever played). The sound is qbasics computer beeps, but instead of being high pitched and irritating the sounds fit in quite well with the theme. The gameplay on this was oddly addictive, with a mix of puzzle elements thrown into it. The 8 was for the replay value - this will proberbly never get old. However, the marks for graphics and sound bring it down to a standard 6. Never mind Jocke, i'd still reccomend this to anyone who asked.
Review by Modanung on 05-07-2002
I liked DW 1, but I like DW 2 even more!

Some of the improvements are:
-The levels start less hard, more fun
-You can create your own levels! I didn't even try it, yet.
-The story is better, still not really clear... But the levels flow in eachother.

I think it's really fun to play. The bad sound and graphics (He did make good use of the ascii tileset) don't affect the gameplay, that's why I didn't really let it count with the overall rating.

I'll be looking foreward to tomorrow... My birthday, I don't think I'll be playing DW. :)
Review by darkpagan on 25-07-2002
Okay first off I'm playing the REMAKE of this but the basic premise is still the same so thats why the gfx is 8.First off its way bigger and far better spread out,secondly the puzzles have improved but this game maintains its dignity mostly cuz of the addictive gameplay.Looking forward to darkwoods3
Review by Pocketx on 18-04-2003
A nice solid game..Has nice art with it. ALso, it looks very classicy. I give it a 8!
Review by Hair Machine on 16-07-2003
I like it alot! It's fun, addictive and well thought out... Thats why it gets 8.