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Posted by blacknite 
Status Finished 
Prog. language C++ 
Last update 27-08-2002 
Links Website; Download;

Story and Code: Stephen Makonin
Lead Artist: Anna Fong
Music Score: Joseph Fuoco
Sound F/X: Stephen Makonin



You are COBOL a General who has devoted his life to serving Lord Bill and he now wants you dead. Journey to the world of Ibum and take part in the mini-adventure suited for all ages.

History of Ibum

In the beginning, Ibum was rules by King Jobs. The heir to the throne would be one of his twin sons. Baron Page was a benevolent and kind son, while Lord Bill was a cunning opportunist. As King Jobs became older, it was his hope that Baron Page would take the throne and be ruler of Ibum. Lord Bill had other plans though. When their father died, the two sons began fighting. Soon, all of Ibum became divided on who should rule Ibum. Lord Bill, who had the loyalty of the Royal Army, ordered the Army to throw Baron Page in the lava pits under the castle. Lord Bill then cast a spell on the Army that gave them the ability to remove memories from all those who opposed him. This was known as the Name Tag War.

Review by darkages on 31-08-2002
A great little game. I like the looks and sound which give it a great classic feel. It could use a little keyboard buffering to make playing with both the board and mouse a bit faster. Otherwise, it's easy to jump into the story and explore the environment, and the blatant use of programming jargon makes me smile.
Review by pabarry on 06-07-2003
This is a great game. I really liked the fact that you could say multiple things to people. The graphics are pretty good and the music is not too bad. I got a good laugh from one of the tombstone's inscriptions (play the game to find out what it says). This game is great way to spend an hour away from reality.