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General info

RPGDX stands for RPG (Role Playing Game) Development X (just to make it sound more funky). RPGDX is a site, like Madmonkey and, in which that it allows independent video game developers a spot at which to show off there work for other people to download. And it's more than that.

Unlike, we are not limited to any specific programming language or library. Anything goes as far as game coding goes, even RPG Makers. But, unlike Madmonkey and, we are not open to all types of video games. This site narrows the focus quite a bit, to the point where only RPG's are allowed to be added. We figure that this narrowing of the field will cut out a lot of the crap and wallowing around that these sites attract.

In narrowing the field we also expand on the different RPG genres. We don't just stick all RPG's into the same RPG category, but instead separate them into sub-genres, so if you feel like playing a strategy RPG or an action RPG you won't have to wander around downloading countless games before you get the sub-genre you wish to play.


IRC channel

Our regular IRC channel is #indie-rpg on This channel is shared by several sites geared towards independent RPGs. (irc://

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Roughly about the year of 98, Mandrake had stopped programming in QB and moved on to programming in many numerous languages (perl, python, java, VB, C, C++, etc etc). The one thing he missed about the QB scene was a site called QB RPG's, run by the now well known Liquidex. He wanted something like it (since he loved playing and making RPG's), but entirely open to any language at any time, just as long as the games were RPG's.

It took years before the first incarnation of RPGDX arose, Mandrake and Happy conglomerating on the site together. The original flaw in it's design, was that the readers relied on them to update the page. Once work and school got in the way, RPGDX fell to the way side.

A while later, Mandrake got the itch to start up RPGDX again. This time he decided to make it so that anyone can upload their game at anytime, much like how Madmonkey and work. So he bought a domain that could use PHP and MySQL (named, and sat down and did some studying on how to build this site.

After some time RPGDX was already fully functional, members could join and put their games up and post news about them. There were some bugs though and a lot could still be done on the layout, but Mandrake got busy with his job. Weeks passed and members started to think RPGDX was dead again. At this point in time, Bjørn Lindeijer emailed Mandrake about the situation and offered his help.

Bjørn fixed the bugs, improved how RPGDX used its database and enhanced the structure of the PHP code. Based upon the old layout and colors, he also created a new design (the current 'Classic' theme). After that, Mandrake has added the Articles section to RPGDX. The next important milestone of RPGDX was the ability to edit anything you post on RPGDX. After submitting you can still change your game info, your article, your reviews and even your news posts. And work continued. RPGDX now uses templates for its layout, seperating that from the PHP code behind the site. Also, MySQL based session management (Sessionara) was integrated, solving login problems and improving security and browser cache behaviour. This was later replaced by phpBB's session management when the forum was more closely integrated with the website.


Thorbjørn Lindeijer [e-mail]

Programmer/webmaster of the current RPGDX, and owner of the domain.

Mandrake [e-mail]

The guy that started all this. You can visit Mandrake's homepage and play his nifty games here.

Aral Balkan

Supplying us with the hosting services we needed from 2003-2013.

The community

RPGDX depends on its community for its content. We thank anyone taking the time to add their games and articles to RPGDX or writing reviews about other games. Also, suggestions for improvements or bug reports are always welcome.